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AVer F17HD+ 5-megapixels Full HD Document Camera
Captivate your students with sharp, vivid images captured by the AVerVisionF17HD+ visualizer (docum..
AVer PL50 5-megapixels Full HD Platform Document Camera
Bring an added level of professionalism to any presentation with the AVerVision PL50 visualizer (do..
AVer U50 5-megapixels Full HD USB Document Camera
The AVerVision U50 visualizer (Document Camera) features exceptional portability and conveniences a..
AVer VP-1HD 5-megapixels Full HD Document Camera
Featuring an ultra-compact, lightweight design, the AVerVision VP-1HD makes presenting in class ea..
Epson ELPDC21 2-megapixels Full HD Document Camera
Bring lessons to life with EPSON ELPDC21 user-friendly document camera and share pictures and obje..
Lumens DC125 Ladibug Full HD Document Camera
The Lumens™ DC125 high-definition document camera is operated with only USB cable connected to comp..
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