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Powerful, high brightness, uncompromising image quality and reliability for large venues

The super-resolution technology of EB-G7200W delivers razor-sharp images even when projecting low-resolution content. The projectors come with dynamic projection capabilities including advanced built-in edge blending, projection on wide curved and corner spaces, as well as point correction, amongst other innovative applications.




Advanced Edge Blending

Built-in Edge Blending technology is ideal for using multiple projectors to overlap images and project seamless, multi-screen, panoramic images — even on a curved surface, the ceiling, or the floor. Perfect for art galleries, digital signage and staging, this feature ensures uniform, seamless projection, with no bright spots where the overlap occurs.


Projection Mapping

Transform practically any object or setting into a dynamic visual display. From cars to landscapes to entire exteriors, there is almost no limit to the applications made possible by Projection Mapping — every surface can become a screen.


Reliable 24/7 Operation

Designed to operate 24/7, the Pro G Series is ideal for applications that require continuous projection. Delivering uniform brightness and exceptional, consistent image quality — 24/7/365 — Pro G Series projectors are an excellent choice for command centers, museums, storefronts and hotel lobbies, as well as digital signage in malls, airports, convention centers and more.


Flexible Projection

360-degree projection

Take advantage of every surface in the room. Pro G Series projectors can be rotated 360 degrees in any direction for off-axis positioning flexibility, making them ideal for a range of applications including simulators, digital signage and command centers. Project images on the ceiling, on the floor, or as part of a rear projection system. Epson technology keeps the projector running without compromising performance.


Portrait Mode

A creative solution for window advertisements, fashion shows, live performances and virtually any setting requiring projection onto tall, vertical screens or surfaces, Portrait Mode enables you to install the projector on its side for displaying digital signage, screening images or projecting video with portrait orientation. (Lamp life is reduced in Portrait Mode.)


Corner-wall Projection

Project on horizontal or vertical walls to create impressive, out-of-the-box experiences. You can also choose to use Edge Blending and Corner-wall Projection at the same time.


Powered Lens Shift

Epson’s advanced projection technology enables a wide range of lens shift capabilities for extraordinary installation flexibility. Pro G Series projectors feature an incredible range of up to ± 67 percent on the vertical axis and up to ± 30 percent on the horizontal axis (depending on the lens). Users can easily operate the lens shift functions using the remote control, the projector control panel, or control commands.


Lens Position Memory

Powered lens memory means users can preset up to 10 positions for zoom, focus, lens shift and projection size for instant switching between installations. With the push of a button, recall the position of your previous installation for fast, efficient setup.


Ultra Short-throw Lens

Transform your Pro G Series projector into an ultra short-throw projector. Featuring a 0.35 throw ratio and minimal offset, this lens allows you to install the projector just inches from the screen or wall and still get large, clear, crisp projection. It’s an ideal solution for installation in narrow spaces and rear-projection applications. Plus, lens shift and zoom give you even more flexibility when you need it.


Compatible with Leading Control Systems

Pro G Series projectors are compatible with Crestron® RoomView®, AMX®, Extron® XTP® and Control4® Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) to ensure easy integration with existing systems.


HDBaseTand Diverse Connectivity

Connect with virtually any system — Pro G Series projectors include HDBaseT, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, BNC and LAN inputs. Cutting-edge HDBaseT technology simplifies installation with just one CAT-5/6 cable carrying Full HD video, audio, network and control commands. And, its 328-foot cable length accommodates large venues. There’s no need for additional cables, signal repeaters or added labor.



Optional HDBaseT transmitter

For your convenience, Epson offers an optional HDBaseT transmitter box as a companion piece to the G Series. Three inputs are featured for easy installation: HDMI, LAN, and RS-232 to output into a CAT-5/6 cable.



Split Screen

Split Screen allows you to display content from two inputs simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen. With three layout options you can display video and presentation materials, and run video on both screens.

*Consult your user manual for input combinations.


Ten optional lenses

For added flexibility, the G Series offers a total of ten lenses, including middle, wide, long, short and ultra-short throw that allow users to choose the lens most suited for their environment. A quick-release lever allows for a fast, easy lens exchange.


Easy Management®

The EasyMP® Monitor tool makes it easy to monitor and control all networked Epson projectors, set up email notifications, verify and change internal settings, and more. You can also remotely power down your projector(s) to extend the lamp life and save energy.


Convenient test patterns

Make sure your presentation is setup correctly before you begin. The G Series features twelve test patterns including linearity, colour reproduction, bleeding and tone production. It even detects distortion.


Technical Data




Projection Technology

RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system (3LCD)

Native Resolution


Lens Type

Power Zoom/ Power Focus/ Power Shift

Lens Focal Length

24mm - 38.2mm

Lens Zoom Ratio

1 - 1.6 (Optical Zoom)

Lens Throw Ratio

1.44 – 2.33 (Wide – Tele)

Lamp Type

400W UHE 

Lamp Life Cycle (Normal/Eco)

3,000 hours/ 4,000 hours

Screen Size (LM08 Lens)

50” to 300” [1.53m to 9.43m] (Zoom: Wide)
50” to 300” [2.48m to 15.10m] (Zoom: Tele)

Projection Distance (LM08 Lens)

100" screen 3.11m - 5m

Bright Output

White: 7,500lm

Colour: 7,500lm

Contrast Ratio


Native Aspect Ratio


Keystone Correction

Vertical: -45 to +45 degrees
Horizontal: -30 to +30 degrees

Lens Shift

Vertical: -67% to +67% (Powered)
Horizontal: -30% to +30% (Powered)


Analog input: D-sub 15pin

Video input: 5BNC

Digital input: HDMI, DVI-D, HDBaseT

Audio input: Stereo Mini Jack (x3)

Control: RS232c, Stereo mini (Remote)

Network I/O: RJ45, USB Type A (for optional Wireless LAN unit)

HDBaseT: RJ45

Video output: Monitor Out (via D-sub 15-pin)

Audio output: Stereo Mini Jack

Colour Modes

Dynamic, Presentation, Cinema, sRGB, DICOM SIM, Multi-Projection

Power Consumption (220 - 240V)

Lamp On (Normal): 572W

Stand By (Network On) : 2.3W

Fan Noise (Normal / Eco)

39dB / 31dB

Dimension Excluding Feet (D x W x H)

472 x 525 x 189 mm




*Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.

*Colour brightness (colour light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Colour light output measured in accordance with IDMS 15:4; white light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118

Package includes:

- 1 x Epson EB-G7200W Projector (With Standard Lens)

- 1 x Power cable

- 1 x Computer cable

- 1 x Remote control (with battery)

- 1 x Cable cover

- 1 x User manual





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