Select from wide range of projection accessories such as projector brackets, projector lifts, projector trolley or cart, projector stand, 3D glasses and more. Get technical advice for your projection setup.


Brateck PAD12-01AL Anti-Theft iPad Wall Mount Enclosure Case
The PAD 12-01AL anti-theft steel iPad enclosure with lock is designed to enable direct mounting ont..
Brateck PAD12-04AL Anti-Theft iPad Table Stand
The PAD12-04AL, is specially designed for iPad series with anti-theft mechanism. Simply lock and un..
Brateck PAD12-04S Anti-Theft Galaxy Tablet Table Stand
The PAD12-04S, is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy 10.1" tablets with anti-theft mechanism. Si..
Brateck PAD12-05A Anti-Theft iPad Floor Stand
The PAD12-05A, anti-theft height adjustable iPad floor stand, is designed for secured display in th..
Brateck PAD15-01 Anti-Theft Tablet iPad Floor Stand
The PAD15-01, anti-theft tablet floor stand with lock, is designed for secured display in the publ..
Brateck PAD15-03 Anti-Theft Tablet iPad Desk Stand
The PAD15-03, anti-theft tablet desk stand with lock mechanism, is designed for both iPads and tab..
Brateck PRB-10 Universal Projector Bracket
The PRB-10 is a height adjustable ceiling mount for mostly projectors with weight up to 20kgs/44Ibs..
Brateck PRB-18M Universal Projector Bracket
The PRB-18M is a universal ceiling mount for projectors up to 13.5kg/29.7bs. The tilting ceiling pl..
Brateck PRB-19 Universal Short Throw Projector Bracket
The PRB-19 short throw projector mount provides ideal placement and alignment for mounting short th..
Brateck PRB-2G Universal Projector Bracket
The universal PRB-2G is a solid steel brackets for most projectors up to 20kgs/44Ibs.The adjustable..
Brateck PRB-4 Universal Projector Bracket
The PRB-4 is a solid steel ceiling brackets for mostly projectors with weight up to 10kgs/22Ibs. Th..
Brateck TS-2 Projector Laptop Trolley Cart Stand
The TS-2 projector trolley is a new solid and stylish solution for mobile projection use. It is ide..
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